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Collaborative Research Projects

Research is a critical component that will provide direction for the Foundation so it can achieve its mission. As a result, the VTSF developed the Virginia Research Consortium (VRC). The VRC is a collaborative network of institutions of higher learning in the Commonwealth that conduct research. It was established to assist the VTSF in ensuring that research methodologies and projects are appropriate and scientifically based. The VTSF requires that institutions that receive research funds participate in the VRC. This will help promote and ensure collaboration and coalition building between institutions as well as an integrated statewide effort on all research initiatives. As part of the grant application process, the VTSF considered projects that demonstrated collaboration with at least two other institutions.

The VTSF is highly committed to funding collaborative research projects for several reasons. First, the Foundation wants to best utilize the expertise and resources of institutions of higher education in Virginia, while avoiding the duplication of research conducted. Second, the Research Consortium will also help to establish a unique system that may result in the ability of Virginia colleges and universities to gain additional funds from other research sponsors, while at the same time increasing awareness of Virginia as a research resource.

Participating institutions include The College of William & Mary, George Mason University, Virginia Tech, James Madison University, University of Virginia, Old Dominion University, Virginia State University, and Virginia Commonwealth University.